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We are the leading provider of Reptiles in Europe. For over 40 years, we offer the specialized trade of live reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and a wide selection of accessories. It is our goal, the terrarium with good and healthy animals to supply and to set new standards in our hobby.

Our life animal area includes more than 5000 vivariums to over 2000 square meters. This allows us a wide variety of species is to keep in stock and also provides for an optimal position of the animals.
We have special rooms to recreate the different habitats. Highlights are our 1000 sqm greenhouse with UV permeable glass, special refrigerated rooms for upland species and generous outdoor facilities.

For the welfare of the animals will take care of besides a dedicated team of nurses specializing in reptiles and our veterinarian contact exomed, an institute for veterinary-medical care of lower vertebrates and exotic animals. Each new addition we will examine for parasites and disease, and treated if necessary. The disclosure shall be made only after a quarantine period and approval by our veterinarian.

Through this systematic approach we are able to acclimatize animal species, thought to be untenable.

NEW! We are back at supplying animals directly to consumers. Looking for special herps? Contact us!

You will find our stocklist in the Download section.

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